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Highly Autometic Electrical Open Lab from Italy

The System is a complete kit of components suitable for assembling the rotating electric machines, both for direct current and for alternating...

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DL 10280 Components

Technical Features: The ac machine has a stator with 24 slots and 6 winding in order to change the pole number, 2 or 4; slip ring rotor with 21 slots (double layer winding) and squirrel rotor.
The dc machine has a stator with 2 field poles (series, shunt and compound excitator windings) and 2 interpoles; rotor with 20 slotes (lap winding) and 40 segments.
1. Basepate
2. Four removable bearing housing
3. Coupling
4. Elastic buffer 5. Optical speed transducer
6. Clamping screws
7. Keys
8. Dc stator, with salient poles
9. Ac stator, with three-phase winding
10. Commutator rotor
11. Brush holder with two brushes
12. Squirrel cage rotor
13. Slip ring rotor
14. Brush holder with 3 pairs of brushes

Infrastructure & Facilities


The Campus is spread over an area of 4581 sq. meters (Another 8000 sq. meters proposed for future expansion) and pledge to be a world-class knowledge enterprise striving for academics and professions in technical education, research and services to industry.


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Separate facilities are available for Boys and girls. The hostel is situated within; the college campus, and is furnished with modern amenities such as double bed, study table and Wardrobes, attached toilet-bathroom, 24 hour hot water supply generated by solar heating system and 24 hour power back-up facilities. Lodging facilities are also provided within the college to make access easier.