What Is Polytechnic?

The word polytechnic is derived from the Greek word ‘poli’ mean's many and ‘tekhnikos’ mean's arts. Polytechnic offers a variety of professional courses, both technical and vocational in nature. The Polytechnic provides various career courses and allows a person to start his own business or get a decent job at a reputed place. In fact, Polytechnics give one the comfort of various career courses under one roof. The courses offered by polytechnics help an individual kick-start his career.

Why You Choose Polytechnic?

There are thousands of students who want to take up engineering after their school. However, since the seats are limited to a usual engineering degree college, these students prefer taking up a diploma course in engineering (Polytechnic). The duration of the diploma course in engineering is three years after 10th standard, and Two years after 12th standard. And Polytechnic give chance to enter into the engineering degree college in the second year.

Future of Polytechnic

A diploma in engineering (Polytechnic) teaches a student all the fundamental concepts of engineering, in all specialized fields such as electrical engineering, electronics and Communication Engineering., civil engineering, computer Science engineering ,Mining engineering And Mechanical engineering A diploma in engineering is an extremely professional course where students can choose their specializations and pursue their career interest. Once the students earn their diplomas, they can take up a job in the engineering field. Another advantage of a diploma in engineering (Polytechnic) is that students can a get chance to enter into the degree college in the second year.