Computer Science


A blend of hardware and software, Computer Engineering embodies the science and the technology of design, construction, implementation and maintenance of the hardware and the software components of modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment.

Computer Engineering includes Designing computers, Designing computer-based systems, (e.g. Embedded systems, Autonomous systems, Multimedia systems etc.) Creating design tools for computer engineering Computer engineering is a mix of hardware and software; some problems are best solved with software Other problems are best solved with hardware, The most fun problems require hardware and software.

Areas of Employment/Work

Entrepreneur Proprietor


Industrial Corporation

Assist. Programmer/Computer Software Engineer/Database Administrator, Network Administrator

Financial Corporation, Banks

Assist. Programmer/Computer Software Engineer/Database Administrator, Project Manager, Network Administrator

Internet Service Provider

Network Technician, Customer support Engineer, Web application Developer, Network Administrator

S/W Development Firm

S/W Testing/Trainee/Customer Support Programmer, Network Administrator , Database Administrator, Web Application Developer

Hardware/ Service sector

Customer Support Engineer, Supervisor

Hardware Support Firm

H/W maintenance Engineer