Electrical Engineering


The course develops skill sets and competencies required for a technician (Diploma Engineer) to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain various electrical machines, appliances and also imparts knowledge on operating computers as professionals.

Electrical energy has now become the basic need of human being. Without electrical energy life cannot be imagined. Each and every appliance requires electrical energy. In this age of revolution in communication, the Computers, Mobile Phone, Laptop etc electrical energy is a basic requirement. Our day starts by switching of electrical devices.

In the Industry or in small business establishments, the technicians (Diploma Engineer) with necessary skills will be able to plan, erect commission, maintain the equipment and supervise the electrical operations. The program will develop the competencies required to troubleshoot ,repair & maintain various Electrical machines, Electrical appliances, & use of Computers in professional life.

The technicians (Diploma Engineer) will also able to work in the field of generation, transmission and distribution of Electrical energy. At the same time the diploma engineer will acquire the skills related with modern technology like Industrial control, CNC and PLC.

Areas of Employment/Work


Owner of Small Scale Industry

Catering services to society (Networking)

Telecommunication Engineer

Electronics Goods Manufacturing industry

Supervisors ( Middle level ) / Marketing Executive

Job in Industry / Public sector

Design Assistant / Customer Service Engineer

Repairing & Maintenance of Electronic equipment and Appliances

Maintenance Engineer