Mechanical Engieering


The course offers quality machines and equipment as per the syllabus, right from laboratories such as Workshops (Machine shop, Fitting shop, and foundry & Welding shop); Fluid Machine Mechanics Lab, Material testing Lab, Dynamics of Machine and vibration lab, to Metallurgy Lab.

Mechanical, the versatile branch of engineering plays a cardinal role for multifaceted, rapid and sustainable socio-economic development of the nation covering each and every aspect of human life. It is concerned with the power generation, production, design and manufacturing, fabrication, automobile, refrigeration and air-conditioning, quality assurance, quality control etc. It is a bedrock upon which the survival and prosperity of whole industrial world rest.

Areas of Employment/Work

Self owned Industry

Entrepreneur/Proprietor/Design engineer/Production executive/ Unit Incharge/ Stores Officer

Private /Public Limited Companies

Supervisor, Technician, Maintenance Engineer, Quality control Engineer, Vendor Development Engineer, Store manager, Planning engineer, Development engineer,Design engineer, Testing and quality assurance engineer, CAD Designer.

Financial Corporation, Banks

Sales executive, Product Development Executive, surveyor, Recovery executive, System incharge, Project manager, System maintenance engineer

Indian Railways

Loco Pilots, production engineers, Maintenance engineer, Quality control engineer, supervisor, testing and QC Manager.

Indian Army

Junior Technical Officer (Short and Long term commissions)

Indian Air Force

Ground Technicians, Ground Engineers

Automobile Industries

Production supervisor, Vehicle testing Engineer, Engine testing engineer, Vehicle quality assurance executive, CAD CAM Engineer